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Australian Online Games Rental Comparison

Rent games online in Australia with these gaming internet library services. Games for your favourite console (PlayStation/PS3, Xbox, Wii etc) are posted from providers to arrive in the mail and, upon return, new ones are then sent to your letterbox. The online rental plans provide unlimited games for the month, but vary in the number of games out at a time.

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Australian Online Game Rental Plans

(ordered by Calculated Weekly Cost)

RentalProvider StateBased RentalPlan
Game Guys QLD 1 Game 8 $19.95 $4.60
GetGaming NSW 1 Game Unlimited $22.95 $5.30
Rentagame NSW 1 Game Unlimited $22.95 $5.30
Game Guys QLD 2 Games 8 $29.95 $6.91
GetGaming NSW 2 Games Unlimited $32.95 $7.60
Rentagame NSW 2 Games Unlimited $32.95 $7.60
Rentagame NSW 3 Games Unlimited $42.95 $9.91


Some Important Points


The turn-around of games can be a primary factor in deciding on a provider. If you happen to be in the state where the provider is based (and usually all capital cities), you should typically receive games within 2-3 days of it being posted. Customers in regional areas outside the based state usually receive games within a week of the provider posting it.


With most online video or console game rental services, the user-guide or manual is not sent out. However, there are online alternatives. Replacement Docs provides fan-made and official PDF manuals to download. Also, often if you later decide to purchase the game, the manual is generally then included. Check with each provider for details.


The tables provided above are for ease of comparison with the selected providers. Please be aware that the information, whilst believed to be as correct as possible when published, may contain inaccuracies. Be sure to check the sites themselves for the very latest data.

If you find any incorrect information on this page, be sure to with updates. Hope this is of use to you.


Last Modified: Sat 3 Sep 2011

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